Glossique Nail Deco Review

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am no stranger to nail wraps. I have tried the original -- Minx -- as well as hundreds and hundreds of Jamberry Nails nail wraps while I was a consultant for 21 months, most of those in leadership. I've used nail stickers and Sally Hansen, Incoco and Essie, as well as Avon and So Gloss. I know there are others, but these are the ones that come to the top of my head. From August 2013 through May, I used no others but Jamberry.

I have had so many to try over the years, but while I was a consultant I opted not to do so. Now that I am not affiliated with any nail wrap companies, I have had the chance to try some others out -- including Glossique Nail Deco.

After experiencing peeling, sore, breaking nails, I took a several week hiatus between nail wrap applications. I had to get them back to a healthy and strong state. Here is what they looked like a few weeks ago. Thankfully, Seed  Fragrance Free Hand Cream and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream -- and time -- repaired my nails.

When I was introduced to Glossique, I was extremely skeptical. "No heat? No way." My previous experience with nail wraps not needing heat was really unimpressive. The heat is typically used to form a better bond to the nail. And I was worried that I would experience a setback in my nail growth and strength. Plus, to be frank, Jamberry holds an INCREDIBLY SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. I did not even want to LIKE another brand.

Back to my experience with Glossique. No heat is needed, none was used, and my wraps still lasted very well without lifting, bubbling, getting little uneven spots. I removed mine at 7 days ONLY because I wanted to choose a different pattern. They were still on securely and I believe they would have lasted a few more days.

Glossique Nail Deco nail wraps are formaldeyde free, paraben free,  made in America (in Minnesota) and are cruelty free. There is no detectable odor. Also, unlike many others, they do not dry out. Sally Hansen, for example, is wasteful because you have to open the whole package to use. These are on a sheet (19 per sheet) and you remove each wrap as you use them.

 Like other nails wraps, they are vinyl with a polyacryalate adhesive & silicone.

Gypsy Story is a favorite of mine!

Juicy Apple is lots of fun, too!

Glossique comes in TWO sizes. This is a game changer, as it is available for ALL wraps designs. You can choose Regular or Petite. Both work for me, although Petite is best as I do have smaller nails beds.

You just pick a size, cut in half and then peel off and apply to your prepped nails. Glossique advises using acetone to make sure your nails are well-prepped. I confess that I just washed my hands with Dawn (blue) liquid dish soap and then swiped clean with an alcohol pad. The wraps applied with great ease and I did my fingernails in about 5 minutes and a pedicure in less than 10.

Like I said, I was REALLY worried about longevity without heat. These stood up to gardening and heavy duty closet cleaning, as well as packing and taping moving boxes. I scrubbed the bathroom floors and tile with them, the messy lasagna pan, and more. No chips. No peeling. No lifting. No fraying.

You do NOT need to file these at all. You just trim. Glossique offers their own nail scissors. I used my own nail clippers and then smoothed one rough tip (my own fault) with my glass file.

To remove, you can gently peel off side to side. I was VERY skeptical, as that is not how I typically remove nails wraps. Even doing so "properly", I tend to have nail damage. HOWEVER, these peeled right off and the couple sticky spots that remained I was able to swipe right off with nail polish remover.

My final thoughts:

I highly recommend Glossique. My experience with customer service has been really lovely. In fact, I need to say something. I debated whether or not to add this, but I just have to. Looking over at the Glossique Facebook page, I see some REALLY unprofessional posts from consultants at a competing company. Not only are they posting links to their own personal websites, they are being rude about the new product on the marketplace. Their tone is snippy. When you click their names, you can see that they represent another company. Here's the thing: COMPETITION is a good thing. It is NATURAL. Just as Jamberry was not the first nail wrap on the market (nor is it the last), there are companies out there. Wouldn't it be BORING if there were only one coffee brand you could buy? Or what if you could only drive a Ford? Having competition is not bad! So instead of posting things that give the impression that you lack grace and integrity, how about "Good luck with your new company. I also love nail wraps!"

I have worked for Seed Body Care for a couple years. I do their blog and social media. I ***LOVE*** the products. Would I go to a competing site and badmouth them? Would I jump on a company's corporate Facebook page and post their link link? No. Why? Because it is UNPROFESSIONAL.

My cousin and two of my friends sell Lemongrass Spa. Technically, you could say that Seed and Lemongrass are competitors in some regards. You know what? Lemongrass Spa makes some fabulous products, too. I have used them and I have blogged about them.

My point is that the powers that be over at Glossique have handled these unfortunate posts with kindness, respect and professionalism. THAT is how you run a business and the consultants from competing companies who behaved so poorly should be ashamed of their immaturity.

The bottom line here: Do I adore Glossique? YES. I am pleasantly surprised! I am impressed. The wraps are nice and they are very gentle on my nails.

To buy: You order from their website, where wraps sell for $15 per sheet.

Glossique offers a very generous return policy: 30 day money back guarantee and 90 days for a credit.

Head over to and tell them The Beauty Blogger sent you! 

Disclosure: I was sent nail wraps at no cost for possible review, like with most of my review posts. I received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.
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