Mani Monday: Easy Jamberry Application Tips & Tricks

Monday, September 23, 2013

It is time for this week's Mani Monday and I wanted to not only show you some recent Jamicures, but also take the time to answer some of the questions I have been asked about applying Jamberry Nails. People want to know if it is hard to do by yourself. I have gotten the application process down to a science, but the first couple times were harder.

I have a video tutorial to share for those visual learners (like me) and also a written list that I made down below.

First, let's take a look at some nail pics!

And I am wearing Reminisce right now:

Here is the official Jamberry application video. This is so helpful! If you do not have the Jamberry Nails heater, you still can do this at home with your hair dryer. That is how I did it until I got my consultant starter kit several months after already being a Jamberry user.


How to get a great Jamberry application every time based on my *personal experience*

1. Remove all traces of nail polish.

2. Push back cuticles,trim &  file your nails, and buff.

3. AN IMPORTANT STEP: Often, our nail beds are oily. Plus, your fingertips will have natural oils. Wash your hands. Use a degreasing soap like Dawn. My favorite natural hand soaps are usually TOO OILY for this task. The exception?  Clean Well brand.

4. You can also wipe your fingernails with a bit of alcohol to be sure there is no oily residue left behind.

5. When you are choosing a nail wrap for your fingernail, do not choose one that is too wide. If it touches the cuticles at all, they will not adhere. It IS totally OK to have a teensy bit of nail uncovered on each side (just like when you get gels). It won't be noticeable and makes a big difference.

6. Don't heat your Jams for too long. Just a couple seconds will suffice. When you apply them, the heat will have made them pliable, so stretch to ensure there aren't bubbles/ridges.

7. PRESSURE! Pressure and heat are key. Keep pressing. Apply pressure around your nail bed and keep pressing. Also pay attention to your nail tips. This area is often overlooked, especially on those of us with short nails. Apply lots of pressure!

8. Seal again with a touch of heat. And press again for good measure :)

9. TOOLS matter. We all have a dull pair of nail scissors laying around. I am guilty, too. Without sharp scissors or a nice and "buffy" buffing block, the results won't be the same.

10.  Once you have your manicure, please keep your hands in great shape! Use  Jamberry Nails Cuticle Oil and your favorite natural hand cream daily. I have been using (seed) Healthy Hand Cream as my go-to 100% natural cream for years. I also use my favorite exfoliant, (seed) Therapeutic Hand Scrub, regularly.

I am also asked questions about whether you can use Jamberry Nails over artificial nails. Yes, you may use Jamberry Nails nail wraps over both gel and acrylic nails.

Another tip I read online that WORKS LIKE A CHARM FOR ME: the "baggy method".  Again, this is *my personal experience* and not a Jamberry-approved method.  Apply your nail wraps and place a baggy (like a Ziploc) over the nail and apply heat. This will practically "shrink wrap" the nail wrap to your nails and--for me--it lasts longer!

I hope these tips will help you all out!

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